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Jio Health tuyển dụng Quanlity Management Doctor

I. Mô tả

– Lead, coordinate and oversee Jio Health Quality Improvement (QI) Plan development, review, revision, and implementation.
– Coordinate and integrate QI plans and processes for individual services.
– Establish quality measurement and improvement activities, including methods to track implementation of action plans.
– Lead and coordinate the process of monitoring, measuring, and assessment of patient care and support of systems to achieve high quality, safe, cost effective healthcare services.
– Oversee reporting and communication of quality improvement initiatives, quality and patient safety awareness, safety culture survey administration, and recognition programs.
– Coordinate and report medical staff quality assurance/improvement activities.
– Coordinate and manage core measures reporting and other functions.
– Oversee regulatory readiness, quality measurement, public reporting, and pay-for-performance programs and initiatives, holding staff and departments accountable for achieving performance goals.
– Organize, coordinate and attend all meetings where monitoring functions and activities are performed.
– Serve as a resource for medical staff and internal services on quality improvement activities, education, and use of quality principles and tools.
– Facilitate, develop, and implement special projects as assigned by the CEO and Clinical Director.
– Collaborate with Clinical Director, Heads of Medical departments, and other staff to to envision, develop, and implement the organization’s quality and patient safety plan.
– Teach quality and patient safety concepts to clinicians, trainees, and other staff during orientation and in various educational settings.
– Lead root cause analyses, failure modes, etc.
– Coordinate closely with Information Technology and Clinical Operations to achieve organizational goals.
– Promote a culture of safety, high-reliability, patient and staff engagement, and performance excellence.
– Develop, evaluate, and maintain quality dashboards and performance metrics.
– Maintain current competency and expertise in quality and patient safety.
– Manage patients within Jio Health Ecosystem
– Performs other duties as assigned.

II. Yêu cầu

– Practicing physician in good standing
– Certification: Doctor of Medicine
– Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills
– Good computer and electronic record skills

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