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Home Credit tuyển dụng Head of project management office

I. Mô tả

– Define PMO strategy and lead the design as well as implementation of a commonly agreed project management methodology, standards and tools to drive and facilitate the successful delivery of projects
– Lead the execution of PMO governance, reporting and review framework to provide a holistic view of reported organisational project activities
– Manage interdependencies and coordination across projects to ensure that information relating to project deliverables, risks and issues are effectively communicated between Stakeholders
– Identify and define the major strategic issues for the organisation and integrate diverse stakeholder interest with Company’s agenda to inform the development and prioritisation of project initiatives and to proactively understand and mitigate risks
– Define business strategies and organisational policies to enable the strategic coordination of multiple major projects and initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of projects
– Foster collaborative and mutually supportive relationships with project leaders and senior stakeholders, provide coaching, training and support to enhance the Company’s project/ program management capability, and improve collaborative development and project results
– Develop Project Management Office resources including training, coaching and guiding Project Managers to maintain common project management methodology

II. Yêu cầu

– University degree
– Advanced experience with project management methodologies and practices, candidate holding recognizable qualification in project management (e.g. PMP Certificate or equivalent) is preferable.
– Have at least 5-year experience in project/program managing roles with proven track record in leading complex, major projects in industries such as finance or insurance or banking.
– Must demonstrate he/she is equipped with advanced negotiation & influence capability, strong time management, problem & conflict solving skill.
– Be able to do presentation in front of large audience in order to convey ideas toward gaining stakeholders’ buy-in and supports.
– Be able to effectively communicate to people at all levels – colleagues, key stakeholders, senior manager across the organization
– Fluent in English speaking and writing
– Proficient in project management software (e.g. Microsoft Project or equivalent)

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